We are a small dedicated team of software engineers that work on the core services of our in-house build trading system. We use Java and related technologies. We work with agile methodologies and we use automated testing to achieve continuous delivery. Peer review is an integrated part of our daily work and we encourage a high degree of personal initiative, responsibility and ownership.

The challenges are many and nontrivial. Our system is real time and distributed with a high degree of concurrency. We are expected to deliver 100% uptime. But we are also required to deliver low latency and high throughput and the performance of our system during market events will make or break our success. Therefore we constantly strive to improve performance and throughput of the system. The devil is in the detail, and in our line of work one millisecond is a long time.

But the team is not just about technology. Everybody in the team has to become domain experts in the area of foreign exchange (FX) trading. The stakes are high, and when the heat is on you will need a sound understanding of both technology and FX to make the right decisions.

Søren Caspersen

Søren Caspersen

My formal background is in mathematical economics, but for the past 10 years or more I have worked with trading software. I have been with CFH for 3 years acting as team lead for the Java development team. We are responsible for the core services of the trading system. Before CFH I worked more than 7 years at Nordea on their e-FX offering. In Nordea I worked with both client oriented FX systems, interbank trading, and automated hedging. My first experience with trading software was at former Copenhagen Stock Exchange, where I work as a consultant for about a year. Most of my experience is within the Java technology stack.