Primary responsibility is the servers running our production system located in UK. Every server needs to have an excess in resources to ensure the best experience and professionalism for our clients.

Our Demo system also needs to running smooth as it is very often the first “contact” a potential new client has with the system. Our servers primary OS is Server 2008 r2 we are slowly moving towards Server 2012 R2 for a few special systems we are running Linux. Server hardware we use SuperMicro the switch to SuperMicro is fairly new so we still have some Dell servers still running. We have operation from Monday to Friday so maintenance is typical in the weekends. 

On the network side we primarily use Juniper. We mostly do the configurations in-house, from a simple opening of a network port, to handling connections to partners. We have a network consultancy company who can help with Juniper equipment should we need it. 

  • Daily operation of servers from hardware to OS, backup, time control.
  • Daily operation of the network infrastructure.
  • 2-level support for the support team.
  • Managing the monitoring system.
  • Manage the mail system and phone system.
  • Internal Support, handling workstations.