The integration team primary responsibility is it to build and maintain our client FIX offering that provides low latency trading for our clients. To deliver the best possible performance this service has been built with almost all needed components to be an in-process trading system.  The components build for these needs to be maintained and provide the same functionality as our Trading System team creates, so a big challenge here is to coordinate. The main priority is the deliver the lowest possible latency from an order is received from a client till it is filled by the liquidity provider and we can reply to end client. Today a single client FIX service handles more than 10.000 price updates and more than 1000 orders per second, with sub milli second latency.

On the integration team we handle the external communication with both our banks, for a technical point of view. The subjects can vary a lot from new integrations, trouble shooting of issues or helping the partner in developing a better offering. Our liquidity providers are all tier 1 banks, like Barclays, UBS and Goldman Sachs. Their technical personal is very professional, so good communication is a key. Besides the banks we also handle communication with our professional clients trading over FIX or ECN’s.

After a trade is done with a liquidity provider, it can be “given up” to a primary broker, for this to work both CFH and the executing bank has to send a message to the primary broker. Once the trade is booked with the primary broker CFH receives a confirmation. This process involves several services also handled by the team.

We have designed and build our systems our self, using C#/.Net and small part of C++. Everything has been built using concurrent designs, and provides best possible performance.

  • Building and maintaining our Client FIX offering and our trading system components (e.g. Price book generation and order routing).
  • Integrations with our liquidity providers, major banks like UBS, Barclays and Goldman Sachs.
  • Integrations with Primary broker’s and third party post trade systems.
  • Integrations with market ECN’s in the FX market.
  • Reconciliation system that monitors that all trades get reported correctly from PB and Spoke banks.
  • Maintaining our liquidity exposure monitoring service.
  • Monitoring and configuration tool for the liquidity provider integrations.
  • Monitoring and configuration tool for the client FIX services.
  • Monitoring and configuration tool for the Reconciliation system.
  • Support and setup of clients with complex setups.
  • 2-level support.

Emil Leach Kongelys

Emil Leach Kongelys

Trained as an information technology engineer specialized in signal processing I started in a small proprietary trading company, creating “black box” trading system for the US exchanges.  We build both our algorithms and trading system in house, which was executed on servers co-located with a major ECN in New York. In high volatility periods the system could trigger up to several hundred orders per second.

After InovaTrader I joined CFH, with the primary responsibility to handle integrations with our liquidity providers and to design and build our trading system components written in .NET. Today the Client FIX services handles thousands of order per second in peak periods, still delivering low latency trades to the clients.