Clear Vision

A unique front-to-back brokerage technology solution
Built for brokers, by industry experts

ClearVision is a unique front-to-back brokerage technology solution, which gives our clients the ability to manage liquidity, risk, collateral and reporting all within one platform. It is a modular system, built by industry experts, which
can be tailored to meet each client’s individual business needs. It offers full control, transparency and flexibility.
Whether you are a professional start-up or an established global organization, it provides all the tools to help take
your business to the next level.

Clear Control

ClearVision enables you to manage liquidity, risk books and client account configurations from a single interface. It also provides a transparent and direct gateway to the interbank market. With one system and an easy to use dashboard, it puts you in complete control, enabling you to:

  •  Manage and aggregate your own unique liquidity streams
  • Switch clients between risk portfolios (A, B and C Books) in real time, adjust price feeds, and seamlessly manage margin requirements
  • Manage risk exposure by analysing trade flow and client performance. You can make instant trading decisions, move clients and positions or hedge - all in real time.


Transparent & Scalable

ClearVision is helping banks and brokers across the world to maximize their business potential. It is enabling them to create new revenue streams, diversify their product offering and, ultimately, to retain and grow their client base. 

ClearVision provides the full back office infrastructure for new institutional clients entering the market. It can also provide additional risk management and liquidity aggregation tools to take a broker onto the next level. In addition, ClearVision can act as the central system for banks or brokers to add additional liquidity or platforms – either for direct or indirect clients.

Whether you are a start-up, fast growing organisation or a global market leader, ClearVision has been designed to provide you with all the necessary infrastructure to effectively manage your trading operations, helping to meet both your current and future needs.

Flexible, Powerful & Comprehensive

ClearVision was built with our clients in mind. It is a modular system which can be split according to your business requirements.
All functionalities can be added and removed as your business grows and your demands change.

  • Broker Back Office Tools
  • Broker Front Office Tools
  • Client UIs

Broker Back Office Tools

Broker Front Office Tools

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