CFH Systems is a Copenhagen based trading technology company with offices in Switzerland, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

CFH Systems was founded in Copenhagen in 2011 by some of the industry’s most experienced and talented IT developers and entrepreneurs. Our goal today remains the same as when we set up the company – to provide institutional clients with all the technology solutions they require to offer an exemplary service to their clients.

We have built an impressive portfolio of easy to use, highly sophisticated products including multiple white label front end platforms, back office administration, risk management and pricing tools. We have also made significant investments in our infrastructure in order to provide the very best connectivity and lowest possible latency. Our technological capabilities combined with our customer-centric approach to business has helped us to attract a client base consisting of many of the most prestigious and fastest growing FX and CFD brokerages, banks, proprietary trading houses and hedge funds.

CFH Systems works closely with clients to discuss their requirements and respond to their needs. We continually invest in our products, people and services, evolving our offering in order to remain at the forefront of the industry.